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A busy month!


So, we're mid-way through a somewhat busy month. We're now nearing the end of a really enjoyable project in Levenshulme, involving the seperation and refurbishment of a Victorian reception room. On this one, we went all the way 'back to brick' and started from scratch, replacing all the joinery (doorframes, skirtings, etc) as we went. We also re-wired the mains circuit. It's really satisfying seeing this one come together, and has really changed the feel of the house.

We're also coming toward the end of two complete refurbishments, one where we changed the layout of the property and added an extra bedroom. Both have come in easily on budget, so that's always a good feeling.

We've got another five large projects coming on line this month and next, so tight schedules and good controls will be the order of the day!